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Electric Bottle Opener, Vsllcau Rechargeable Wine Opener, Professional Electric Corkscrew Wine Accessories with Foil Cutter, Vacuum Stopper, Pourer and USB Charger Cable, Stainless Steel. Vsllcau Electric Bottle Opener has a stylish and practical design, it is very effective, easy to use and requires no effort to open bottles of wine, perfect for gala events.


1.Cut the paper from the mouth of bottle with a paper cutter.
2.Point the cork from the bottle with the electric wine opener, while there is LED blue light below the button, until the cork out of the bottle completely.
3.While there are red light of the LED on the button, the plug will automatically.


1.Place the vacuum stopper in the mouth of the bottle.

Press to hand to ensure stuck.
Tire upwards and downwards the cap of the bottle repeatedly to make the air out of bottle.
Until It Is Removed When the plug is recovered automatically, which is pumping a good vacuum.

2. Use with Data Cable to power it.

Product size: 26 * 10 * 8 cm

Package Include:
1 x Electric Bottle Opener
1 x Data Cable
1 x Vacuum Wine Stopper Silicone
1 x pourer
1 x Foil cutter
1 x Instructions
1 x Box